Hosted By: The Hermiston Classics Car Club

Well here we are at another car show it's not a datsun oriented  site there where only 2 510 at this event here are the pic's of them we had hope for more of a turn out but you know how that is People have to work I was hoping that a Lady I met over at   Cool Desert Nights she owns a real Nice 240 Z Our Vice-President: Jordan Pena  Was Unable to attend Do Too Prior Commitment (Happy Birthday Jordan)

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British MG's  

 There where also some other Non-Detroit there, They where two British MG's other Then the Datsun they where the only other Import Cars there

 Here's Their Pics

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Great Flame Jobs          

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Cool Looking Rides

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Studebaker Pick Up: Believe it Or not 


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Older Then Dirt 

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Retractable Hard Top

P5070006.jpg (83449 bytes)

Nice Modern Chevrolet

P5080026.jpg (118295 bytes) P5080027.jpg (97750 bytes)


P5070023.jpg (112515 bytes)

I Want to thank the Hermiston Classics Car Club For Putting on such a great Show Maybe next year we can maybe get them to put in a classic Import Class Hint!!! Hint!!! if any one see this from Hermiston Classics and let me know what you Think 

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